The Importance Of Peer Pressure In A Secondary School

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As I am currently teaching an after school tutorial lessons in my previous school so I have more chance to hang with some of the senior students that is facing the public exam.During the teaching I found that many psychological strategies would possibly be applied to our daily life.

I was a secondary school student just a few years ago too.I can understand that assignments and tests thought may seem good to student which urge them to study,it would somehow disturb a student 's study plan and cause a huge stress when those things start to stack.So in the first few lessons, I tried to create a more relaxing atmosphere and pressure-free environment for them.I did not use strong words to coerce them to do revision and I paid the price,none of them can turn what I have tough into a long-term memory .But with some hacks that I have learnt from the psychology lesson now, I would now manage my class better and I would observe
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The catfish effect claimed that the exist of an enemy will induce a sense of crisis to the weak which drive them to struggle and turn out to have a positive impact on the weak(Tested, 2016) . With just one student ignited in the class the others will fear of being abandoned or relatively behind others and that is why they are willing to pay more effort in academic stuffs which result in a propagation and the marks of the whole class will increase tremendously . Some of the students even formed a study group spontaneously . They go to the library everyday , none of them could leave early or quit the study group of a justified reason or they will lose his reputation for the friend circle . This kind of peer pressure can also be classified as a kind of negative punishment of the operant conditioning which helps to eliminate the bad
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