Psychological Stress Theory

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Two concepts are centralized to The Lazarus psychological stress theory: Appraisal (i.e., individuals’ evaluation of the significance of what is happening for their well-being, and Coping (i.e., individuals’ efforts in thought and action to manage specific demands). The theory states that stress is regarded as a relational concept meaning stress is not defined as a specific pattern of physiological, behavioural, or subjective reasons. Instead, stress is viewed as a relationship between individuals and their environment (Krohne, 2002). Likewise, the study is focused on stress, the factors that affect it, and the environment that stress inhabits in. Several factors were used in the research to identify the external factors that may cause stress…show more content…
This concept is necessary in order to explain individual differences. In the study, the appraisal concept is used in the questionnaire as a means of measurement for motivational disposition in the coping mechanisms section. Appraisal has two basic forms: Primary appraisal concerns whether something of relevance to an individual occurs and Secondary appraisal which concerns coping options. In relation to the concept of appraisal, since, this study focuses on the level of stress of different people and the factors causing stress, the researchers, through the analysis of the tabulation results of the survey, could possibly evaluate the conditions of the respondents based on their responses to their stress level in a specific factor. Being limited to the same group of individuals as respondents, which specifically are students in the accountancy program, the respondents’ current state with regards to the effects of stress in their studies, would most likely be assessed by the researchers having enough data of dealing with the different factors of stress. Moreover, aside from the analysis of the key factor for understanding stress-relevant transactions which is known as the concept of appraisal theory, another concept of the Lazarus theory is the coping concept which is likewise relative to this…show more content…
The theory distinguished these types into three: Harm, (psychological) damage or loss that has happened, Threat, anticipation of harm, Challenge, results from demands that a person feels confident about mastering. These kinds of psychological stress would likely be used in the study to classify the different psychological stress the respondents encounter based on the factors that affect their stress level. Like for example, if most respondents claimed that the most stressful factor is the grading system, the researchers could analyze and classify the current condition of most students having the basis of these three types of stress namely, harm, threat and

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