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This paper will discuss a psychological support agency and the framework for an ideal support agency to respond to a natural catastrophic event. This paper will include but not limited to the size of the support agency, the qualifications and skills of the employees, the services that the support agency provides, the key components of a psychological support agency and its overarching mission, and last but not least, how the support agency can work with other organizations and the roles the criminal justice system would play in the agency. It is unfortunate that a catastrophic disaster can take place at any given time without warning. It is very important to have a plan set in place in case something does happen. A catastrophic disaster…show more content…
When interacting with clients, employees must show empathy, compassion and support. In regards to skills and qualifications, employees must be able to deal with the pressure and issues that may arise when it comes to a national catastrophic event. At times, it will be stressful, but, the employees must know how to take control of the situation and not show any signs of fear and stress to the public. The reason for this is because, individuals will be stressed out, scared, and shaken up from the catastrophic event. Employees must remain calm at all times no matter how bad the situation may be. The situation will only get worse if citizens see that the employees are not calm. Some of the skills and qualifications that the employees must possess but not limited to are: professionalism, patient, empathetic, flexible schedule (meaning being able to work any shift or able to be on call in case a disaster strikes), understanding, supportive, organized, excellent phone etiquette, enjoys assisting others, basic computer skills, knowledgeable, and a great listener. All of these requirements are a must that an employee must have in order for the support agency to achieve its goals, which are assisting the needs of families and citizens after a catastrophic event. Before the hiring process, the employees are carefully screened with basic and some intermediate…show more content…
Whatever type of catastrophic event occurs such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or tsunami, the mission and goal of the support agency is here to help. There are times when national catastrophic events occur suddenly, people panic and do not know how to react. People react different to certain situations and events. Others may be able to cope well, others may not be able to cope with the event as well. The support agency is available for assistance at any given

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