Psychological Theories In Snatch

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In this analysis, I am going to be talking about what social psychological theories that are connected to the movie ‘Snatch’. This film has two main plots. The first being the search for a diamond and the other has to do with the betting of a bare-knuckle gypsy boxer. This film is a very interesting portrail of the world of illegal activites, bare-knuckle boxing and the gypsy community. The main theories I am going to dicuss are Stereotypes, The Balance Theory and Cognitive Dissonance. Concept 1 Throughout this film, it is evident that there is a stereotypical atmosphere between most of the characters.The gypsies are the most stereotyped characters in this film. It is evident that the other characters have a certain persona attached to the gypsies. They believe that they are lying, manipulative tricksters. Turkish and Tommy deal with the gypsies throughout the film. It is blatently evident that they have associated a certain behaviour to the gypsies. I would argue that in the scene when Tommy and Gorgeous George go to buy a caravan they associate a stereotypical view to the gypsies. Tommy does…show more content…
I would agrue that the Balance Theory is evident between Doug the Head, Cousin Avi and Diamonds. We can see in the scene where Cousin Avi flies to London to see Doug the Head and try and find Frankie four fingers that they both have a desire for diamonds as they are both trying to find Frankie who has the large diamond in his possession. Doug the Head owns a Diamond store and deals with stolen diamonds and Cousin Avi works the business of acquiring diamonds. The diamonds are an important element in their relationship. Even Doug the Head pointed out in another scene that he ‘will not buy strops’ refering to the fact that he will not buy fake diamonds. Cousin Avi acquires the diamonds and then Doug the Head checks their worth and clarity. This positive relationship is a clear example of the Balance
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