Psychological Theories Of Smoking Essay

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but simply put it is the psychological and the physiological dependency on something, in this case it is smoking. There are many social, economic and cultural factors that contribute to the progress, continuation and change of a healthy behaviour pattern. The foundations of smoking have a mix of biological, psychological and social or cultural factors. The theories of smoking all differ in their approach but are related via the above mentioned factors. (Winstanley, 2012) 3.1.1. Cognitive-behavioural Theories Cognitive-behavioural theories are often separated into sub categories that speculate the relationship between cognitive factors and other aspects that control conditioned reactive behaviours (Winstanley, 2012). The first set of theories…show more content…
Some say we conform for survival, whereas others say it is not. Conformity can be loosely described as the change in behaviour, belief, perception or opinion as a direct result of an illusory or existent group pressure which is then consistent with group norms (Southerly, n.d.). There are 3 main types of conformity: Compliance, Identification and Internalisation. 3.2.2. Compliance Compliance is when you publically act or agree with a group’s or person’s opinion or belief while privately disagreeing or slandering that same belief. People who do this are usually trying to look for recognition as a reward or they are trying to avoid prejudice as a punishment (Southerly, n.d.). 3.2.3. Identification People seem to not behave in a specific way because it is basically satisfying, rather people adapt a different behaviour to match and ‘identify’ with the people they spend the most time with, i.e. family, friends and colleagues. People tend to believe in these others’ opinions and values but not very strongly. This is the perfect example of how humans are always fighting to be like somebody else, walk in their shoes, thinking the grass is greener on the other side (Southerly,
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