Psychologist Examiners Case Summary

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The Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners (Board) is a state appointed committee comprised of nine members. Six of the individuals are licensed by the board and three are members of the public who have no financial or business ties to the field of healthcare. The purpose of the board is to issue and review licensure of psychologists and behavioral analysts, as well as review complaints against these individuals. The Board investigates claims of unprofessional conduct, and determines and enforces the proper course of action. Meetings occur monthly and all are open to the public. The following is a summary of a case review addressed in a meeting held on August 14, 2015. After reviewing several applications for licensure, Dr. Weschler, the …show more content…

G. addressed the Board first and provided them with a chronological file of the incidences that occurred. He stated he felt the outpatient program website was very misleading. R.G. believed he was attending a nationally recognized program with licensed professionals, and individualized treatment. He reported feeling the staff was rude, under qualified, and unprofessional. R.G. stated he was not given a proper evaluation upon entry of the program. He claimed he was only asked to complete a few questionnaires with no further evaluation. When he was given his treatment plan, R.G. felt it did not address his needs and goals. When he started EMDR, he did not feel comfortable with the individual providing this service and requested to see either Dr. Earle or another clinician. The individual administering the EMDR refused and stated he had goals that needed to be met and there were no alternatives. R.G. was very upset by this and later went to the emergency room (ER) in crisis. He returned from the ER that day and requested to speak with Dr. Earle who did not meet with him until much later. He reported he was told he would have access to staff 24/7 at the sober living home, but no one was there on the weekends. R.G. stated he was in a state of crisis and no one was there to help him, even when he reached out for

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