Psychologist Vygotsky's Influence To Children Mental Health

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The significance influence to children mental health the psychology obtains has increasingly arisen people’s awareness.The level of psychological development may lead to different personalities,both positive and negative.This thesis analyzes the characteristics of shaping psychological status of children based on a sociocultural theory advanced by psychologist Vygotsky. It questions how sociocultural elements matter in different stages of childhood. The paper will be conducted through the use of interaction analysis. Aiming to enhance the recognition related psychology of children and how it concerned with the sociocultural environment in order to ultimately aid in the growth of mental health shaping of children and the decrease of the misery of children caused by the insufficient attention. This literature review will discuss the psychological development and sociocultural theory.…show more content…
Moreover, according to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, personality develops through a series of stages, each of them characterized by a specific internal psychological development.And then, it shows to people the importance of learning psychology,especially the psychological development of children,as children are the start of human and psychology is the basic factor of one’s

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