Psychologists Reject Science

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In the article, “Why Do Psychologists Reject Science?” by Sharon Bagley, she discusses the “fight brewing” amongst “therapists”. That fight brewing amongst therapist has to do with the idea that some psychologist aren’t using research methods which have proven to be efficient on patients. Instead what some psychologist are doing is treating their patients based on personal experience without knowing if the treatment they are providing is reliable. For the purpose of supporting Bagley’s notion that scientific research is reliable and should be used more often for the treatment of patients, a study will be evaluated. Through this study it will demonstrate the value of scientific research based on a case on schizophrenic patient. Brad Alford’s study, Behavioral Treatment of Schizophrenic Delusions: A Single- Case Experimental Analysis,” was based on a twenty-two year…show more content…
638). During the initial interview the patient took a self-report on the strength of belief. The self- report test measurements were, 0% meant the patient thought a belief was invalid and 100% meant the patient thought a belief was completely valid. At the beginning of the interview the patient reported to have beliefs at 100% certainty. However as the interview went on and after “careful questioning the patient reported to have beliefs at only 50% certainty. Alford studied the improvement of the patient using ABAB experimental design. This assessment allowed Alford to see the frequency changes and the “strength” of belief with or without treatment effect on the patient. Alford also had his patient do a self-therapy log. This meant that when the patient experienced hallucinations or voices the patient would write it down. In order for Alford to establish the baseline of the patient he asked the patient about his general

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