Psychology And Sibling Relationship

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Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. We, as human beings tend to form many relationships in our short span of life. Some of these are biological in nature such as relationship with grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. But some of the relationships we form are through our own interaction with others as well as our social behavior. These relationships may include relationships with friends, teachers, bosses, spouse and the like.
Sibling relationships are one of the long –lasting relationships in an individual’s life. Siblings not only serve as companions in the childhood but also confidants, role models, and next to parent guidance providing relationships. They provide support and guidance throughout a person’s childhood and adolescence.
Psychology plays an important role in beginning, developing and maintaining these relationships. For this essay our focus will be to define one relationship that is sibling relation and to explain how the major perspectives in psychology initiate develop and maintain this intense and unique relationship.
Psychodynamic perspective
Looking through psychodynamic perspective of psychology, we can study sibling relationship via two theories, attachment theory and Adler’s theory of individual psychology. According to the attachment theory, infants call for closeness with their caregivers, most often the mother. During the first year of an individual’s life, an attachment relationship is formed and
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