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In the science of psychology, an individual can specialize in many different areas within this type of study. For a form of psychology to be considered as a “specialty” it must follow the guidelines that the American Psychological Association, APA, have set. The APA will only recognize a form of psychology if it is counseling, clinical, industrial or organizational, and school psychology. Any that are outside of the following forms of psychology are considered as sub-fields or areas of concentration (Specialties). An example of a specialty within psychology is Neuropsychology. Neuropsychology is a specialty within psychology that focuses on the function of the central nervous system with its relationship to abnormal human behavior. A clinical…show more content…
First an individual must attend an accredited university or college and receive a bachelors degree. Most neuropsychologist receive this degree in a field related to this division such as premedical, biology, psychology, or neuroscience. However to continue on to the next level of schooling the individual must maintain a relatively high GPA, grade point average. The next step to become a neuropsychologist is to obtain a masters degree in Neuropsychology. After an individual receives their degree to specialize in Neuropsychology they then move on to receive their doctorate in an expertise within this division. Despite having a doctorate if an individual does not undergo the process to get their license in the state they are practicing they still can not practice Neuropsychology professionally. The final step after obtaining a license to practice is to obtain a professional certificate. This step is not a requirement but is highly encouraged to have in this field of study. To receive the certification an individual must receive it through the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology, ABCN. Anyone with this certificate though must pass the requirements which include holding a doctoral degree, completion of an internship through the APA, and you must be license to practice Neuropsychology (How). If a neuropsychologist does not have anything above their masters degree it will be very…show more content…
Most jobs for a neuropsychologist are researched based. However work in numerous settings such as hospitals, physician 's offices, and clinics. When a neuropsychologist works in a clinical setting they diagnose patients by looking for symptoms by using technology. They also recommend treatments for their patients that can involve surgeries, medications, and therapy sessions. Their have also been many cases where individuals in this field have decided to open private practices and treat their patients in their own office with consultations. With all of these opportunities as a neuropsychologist their median salary is $94,100 starting off. Once an individual has eleven to fifteen years of experience in the field they can make as much as $130,600. Once they work over twenty-five years in the field their median salary is over $180,000. These numbers can vary within this specialty depending on an individuals expertise (Neuropsychology). Neuropsychology is a very competitive specialty within psychology. It has a focus on the behavior of the brain which allows for many expertise within the specialty. It also allows an individual to have many opportunities in the work field. To work in this field you must complete many rigorousness courses in a span of up to ten years. In the long run the dedication to this field is worth it with an ending salary of six figures and the satisfaction of helping

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