Psychology In Everyday Life

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Psychology is a part of our everyday life. Sometimes I find myself observing people. I watch how they behave and wonder why they do something that doesn't seem to make sense to me. I feel like going into to counseling psychology will help me not only answer these questions, but it will also allow me to help people as well. The thing that I like about psychology is that there are many different fields within psychology. There are two main aspects of psychology, which are biological and sociological. Biological focuses on the mental state of a person and sociological focuses on how people react to their surroundings. I feel like I am equally interested in both aspects. Over the years I have learned that I like biology because it helps me understand…show more content…
The only way for you to understand and help your patients effectively you need to be able to listen. I feel like listening requires you to do five things which are, receiving, understanding, evaluating, remembering, and responding. By doing these things it will allow you to build a relationship with your patients and understand them and their problems. Another skill that will help you understand your patients, is the ability to be able to empathize with them. Throughout life I have come across many people who I have disagreed with because our opinions were different. Even when someone had an opinion that I didn’t agree with I was always able to understand why they felt that way, so in other words I was empathizing with them. I definitely think that in counseling psychology you have to empathize with another person because it allows you to see a problem through another person's eyes or in a psychological case, through their patient's eyes. Having empathy gives you the ability to help people cope with their problems because you understand why they feel a certain way. The last, but not least important skill that I feel counseling psychologist need to have is patience. As a psychologist you won't always deal with easy patients. Many psychologist deal with people who have mental disorders such as behavior problems and eating disorders. Patients won't always cooperate with you immediately, so you…show more content…
I think that I have a few medium term goals thats are incompassed within my long term goal. Right now I am doing my undergraduate bachelors degree in psychology, which is one medium term goal. Then I would get a masters, followed by a doctorate in psychology. Ideally I would want to have my own practice, where i work for myself, but I know that will take some work, so I think that I would give myself a few years, after reciving a doctorates, to see you hat jobs are out there at the the time and see what experience I can get from that. After I gain some experience in the field, I am hoping that it will lead up to me starting my own practice. Then I have my short term goals, which are just doing things, like making sure I take the right classes or making sure I pass the classes that I

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