The Role Of Psychology In Human Psychology

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The role of the associations and science of psychology in human welfare and global or societal concerns has been a thoroughly debated topic. In this paper, I will describe the role and significant contributions of the American Psychological Association (APA). However, these contributions are not as highly publicized as scientific malpractice, ethical missteps of practitioners, or purported experts that do not represent the serious scientists of the field. The impacts psychology and other disciplines can make are highly dependent on the social climate within the discipline and within society. As a hub discipline, through collaboration Psychology can bolster the findings of other disciplines by providing empirical support and various tools…show more content…
The media plays a large role in the publicity serious scientists and frauds receive, as terrible news makes great television. Fox (1996) argued frauds appear on television and act in an unprofessional and unethical manner while claiming expertise in areas they, and no practitioners, truly have the answers to. There has also been an increase in the visibility of scientific misconduct, as the unethical actions of the few overshadow the genuine contributions of the many (Fox, 1996). The portrayal of psychology in the media has implications for the reception of psychology by policymakers. Psychology has been fighting for many years to be recognized as a science, but the government has failed to include it in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs (Kazdin, 2012). The negative representation of psychology and its contributions in the media in addition to the lack of recognition as a science threatens to compromise research funding for serious researchers (Fox, 1996?). This would completely undermine psychology’s ability to contribute to matters of human welfare and societal…show more content…
These limitations have been directly influenced by today’s social climate, technological advances, and changes in communication. Fox (1996) argued conflicts between members occur more often and are more widely spread because of the internet, and as a result, particularly hostile exchanges will often make it into the news. These conflicts are linked to competition for grants and other resources within the APA, as well as disagreements between applied and theoretical scientists. Applied research has long been regarded as unimportant in comparison to theoretical research, which has implications for the incidence and application of applied research to societal problems (Fox,

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