Psychology In The Play Fences

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The psychological effects of our childhood experiences can have an outsized impact on who we become later in life. The world in not a perfect place and people face obstacles throughout their lives. In the play Fences, written by August Wilson, there lives an African American family living in a largely segregated world in the 1950´s. Troy Maxson is the Father of Lyons. Lyons is Troy 's son from a previous relationship. In the past, Troy had Lyons when he was still homeless and squatting in a shack by the river. Since Lyons 's mother moved on to another man while Troy was in prison, Lyons never had a father figure as he was developing into a man. Now pretty much all Troy contributes to Lyons 's life as he is now older is the occasional…show more content…
Troy and Lyons relationship is similar to my Father and I relationship physically, but the times are switched around. As of now my Father is not there for me as i’m developing into a woman. Things that he should be here for he’s not. Then when I come to visit him he always trying to me what i need to do and how i should do things. I feel like if you don’t like the way i’m living or doing things you should be there for me, but you’re not. That’s like Troy and Lyons’ relationship. Troy always trying to tell Lyons how he should live his life but Troy was never there for him to be an example of how to live life like a man. My father and Troy are alike. They both didn’t have Father figure as they were growing up. My father was a “hothead” when he was forming to an adult. He got women pregnant, he was stealing, and he want to jail. Troy have similar experiences. I think that could have an effect to why they act they way they act mentally and physically. The fact that they didn’t have support, cause the to raise themselves and learn thing the hard way; and that could be the reason they treat their children the way they because of the experiences that they been through. Lyons and I are the same just in different times. I had a father figure when i was younger, but now he drift in/out my life. Lyons has a father figure now that he is grown. Both our fathers try to tell us how we are suppose to live but they wasn’t there or

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