Psychology In Vietnam Essay

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Psychology was appearing for a long and increasingly developed. It helped humankind complete in different fields such as social, educate, medicine, literature - art, religion, ethics. Psychology deals with the understanding and explaining about behavior and experience and the way how these changes and develop throughout our life. At the present, the psychologists have studied how we perceive about the environment, how we think, how we learn and remember, how we communicate and how to know that we differ from another in personality and our abilities. Psychology is a scientific research by learning and observational. To say in the easy way is to understand the mind and behavior through experimental, observational and conclusions.
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Vietnam youth now have an open mind on the issue of sexual intercourse, though they thought an unsafe way for themselves in the future. Leading too many social evils like abortion, sexually transmitted diseases. A survey by the Faculty of Psychology at the HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities showed that for every nine people doing sex consulting work at high schools, only two are qualified. (School love: teens need sex education, 2014) psychological, sexual knowledge Vietnam youth is very limited. In schools, almost exclusively refers to sexual problems in biology with only 10 to 15 minutes, even without mentioning. This explains the reasons for the high abortion rate among adolescents, they see sexual behavior as a way to express love. This problem is they don’t have enough knowledge about sexual health and reproduction, and therefore do not know how to deal with related…show more content…
There is an increase in the sleep hormone in adolescents, which means they do not feel tired until later. As many students have to get up before 8 am, this means that not enough time to get the necessary hours of sleep. (Busch, 2015)

All main points of this essay tells us that young people in Vietnam psychology is limited in all aspects. Vietnam Ministry of Education does not have the opportunity to develop and disseminate knowledge about psychology as well as improve the quality of life for youth Vietnam. Only a few people interested in psychology to develop themselves and support
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