Assignment 1: Industry Analysis Of Psychology

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Assignment 1: Industry analysis essay (Draft)
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An analysis of the Psychology Industry
The Psychology industry's main focus is to study human behaviour and come up with applications that can be helpful to our society. Psychologists across many different fields use scientific research methods to understand the way the mind works and how people can be assisted to be more productive in many aspects of their lives such as social, work, family and general mental wellbeing. They achieve this in many different forms; a clinical psychologist, for example, might do what our typical idea of what a psychologist is, that being a one-on-one session with a patient sitting on a couch talking about their life with the psychologist giving
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Burton (2015, p. 8) claims that the first laboratory solely intended for psychological practice was founded in 1879 by Wilhelm Wundt, in Leipzig, Germany. This first method of psychology was mainly focussed on psychological research, and clinical psychology-as a medical profession for the treatment of psychological disorders-did not come about until much later with the use of the psychodynamic perspective by psychologists such as Sigmund Freud. In Australia the APS ( notes that it was in the 1920s when the first government appointed psychologists where distributed to the states of South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and New South Wales. The mid 1960s brought about the first legislations for the psychology industry, with the state of Victoria passing the Psychological Practices Act in 1965, and the Australian Psychological Society being founded in…show more content…
What however I have recognised in my first few weeks of University looking back on what I have achieved in my employment so far are the skills, values and ethics that I have already demonstrated to myself and others out in the workforce. My previous employers have all seen in me skills of communication and sociability in regard to dealing with colleagues, clients, management and the general public. An area I recognise may need some improvement is my critical thinking skills, particularly if I were to pursue a career in psychology as these are essential when analysing psychological research (Burton, Westen & Kowalski, 2015). I also have demonstrated to capacity to use empathy in work related situations, which has allowed to find customised resolutions for customers that exceed their expectations and confirm their trust not only in myself but by extension the company and the industry that I am working
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