Psychology: Observational Learning

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In the text book Psychology (2014), David G. Myers gave us a lot of examples about learning methods on human development. Children can learn things without conditioned by others, and that is what’s called the observational learning. When talks about observational learning, it is a way of learning that higher animals can learn by observing others and imitating the behaviors so they can learn from their experience without actually doing it(Myers, 2014). Observational learning helps human especially infants to learning things that they might not able to experience or protect them from getting hurt by imitating dangerous behaviors. Therefore, observational learning is a must-have skill for all higher animals to have in order to survive. In order for observational learning to work well, mirroring allows human to picture themselves doing the same behaviors while…show more content…
During observing kids watched the adults doing things that they have not had an experience before, they are most likely learning it while they observe the adults. One of the famous psychology experiment on children hosted by Alert bandura had greatly effect on psychologists understanding on observational learning. In 1961, the study group introduce a clip video of an individual beating up on a dummy doll, which gives the experiment a name of “Bobo Doll Experiment”. Bandura shows half of the kids who participate in his experiment a video clip of an adult doing aggressive behaviors on a bobo doll. After they watch the video, bandura then have those kids go into a room with the bobo doll alone, and it turns out that kids who watch the violent video clips starts to act aggressively toward the doll just like the video has shown or even more aggressive than what the adult do in the video clip. In the other hand, the control group of the kid rarely uses those aggressive tools and treat the bobo doll very
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