Gang Violence Research Paper

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The concept of gangs is a simple, but complex as the mind of man slips further away from logic due to social issues becoming a gateway to violence. Gangs have become a scapegoat to identity and power due to those stuck in poverty and those who are vilified by society in the middle class. The psychology of gangs is perplexing today more than ever, it has moved from a need for something to a suicidal mission which can put every one at risk. The sociological structure develops this mind set as social issues with friends, family, and the self which leads one to essentially be suicidal for a type of because they can feel comfortable dying in. These concepts give fuel to an eternal loop of hatred and grief which only incites more idolization of gangs …show more content…

Hatred, depression, greed, lust and all animalistic sides of the human mind drive those to be in gangs. At first an individual can join these to fulfill such needs. They are intertwined with a network of everybody knowing everybody, especially those outside this network. It becomes dangerous as gang members know the average citizen would want them to join. If they refuse then siblings will be raped, injured, and threatened to be forcibly absorbed into a cause. This cause is usually a struggle between other gangs over a forgotten logical reason even the members themselves don’t know about. If you escape this cause then the same consequences for not joining may occur or you as well as others close to you will die. This then tempts others to both avenge those who have fallen or give new members to gain revenge against the rival gang. See the pattern? Hatred breeds death, death breeds vengeance, vengeance breeds involvement. It is only a concept, so the youth that do join don’t care for the real reason, it becomes a free ticket to death without consent. One way or the other everyone involved signs their own death

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