Psychopathic Behavior Analysis

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In today’s employers exploit their staff to have profit in the company. Of course, this is done in most companies and employers pressuring sellers for more sales so as earn more money. Sometimes the sellers going off limits to please their bosses but also to get paid because the seller pays on the basis of their sales. According to The American Heritage Dictionary (2017), the psychopath is: “A personality disorder characterized by deceitfulness, manipulation, grandiosity, lack of empathy or guilt, and often aggressive or violent behavior. It is sometimes considered a subset of antisocial personality disorder." Psychopathic behavior created by the divergence of human development than normal. The deterioration of nature is caused when acting…show more content…
Manifested not by poor adaptability towards changes in the external environment, with the counterbalance with impaired self-control and increased reactions. The psychopathy is permanent and dynamic condition, but may change quantitatively, so the psychopath does not present any morbid symptom for a long or short time. But when prevailing adverse events in the external environment, or after the disturbances of the organization, the situation of psychopathic peaked too. Disorganize their behavior and manifests the so-called pathological reaction has the mental disorder character (Eyesenck, Green, Hyes, 1994). The aim of this essay is to critically analyze the case study of ‘Case study: Psychopathy in the sales industry’. This paper will argue how the behaviour of sales people could be regarded as “psychopathic” and how psychopathy in the sales industry is recognized is going to be mentioned…show more content…
So, we can draw the conclusion that Psychopathy in the sales industry Case Study (2017), is correct about seller behavior. It used an example from a sales “company” like PerDM that has some employees that use them as to increase its profit. It exploits sellers and puts them in the process of becoming “psychopathy”. In my opinion, Employees, employers, the problem that each person separately and workloads are beginning to psychological disorders and their end drivers become sociopaths. As I mentioned above, sellers done everything as to making a sale, as they are being paid based of a number of their sales. They have the reaction of psychopaths, as they create fake stories for the products, personality disorder characterized antisocial behavior, ego egocentricity, voltage for manipulation, anesthesia and lack empathypersonality disorder characterized antisocial behavior, ego egocentricity, voltage for manipulation, insensitivity and lack empathy, they are good speakers and liers. Moreover, they do not suffer from their scams and they are cold as they have no feelings for others. They have all reactions and symptoms of psychopaths. All psychologists support it, as Kevin Dutton said: "When psychologists talk about psychopaths, they are talking about are people who have a distinct group of personality traits, which include designations
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