Psychopathic Hero: Andrei Chikatilo

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Psychopaths are people who do things impulsively. It is said that 1 percent of the world’s population is a psychopath, and not all the psychopathic people are criminals. Psychopaths are mostly irresponsible, and don’t feel guilty about anything they do. PCL-R is a model which is divided in 4 and tells the characteristics which are seen in psychopaths. The 4 dimensions are: Interpersonal, Affective, Lifestyle and Antisocial.
There are many other psychopathic killers, but I chose a villain psychopath named Andrei Chikatilo to introduce. Andrei Chikatilo is a lust serial killer who killed 53 (there may be less or more people killed. It is not certain) women and children in 8 years with 3 nicknames representing him, “the butcher of Rostov”, “the red ripper”, and “the Rostov ripper”. He was born on October 16, 1936 (Juan Ignacio Blanco, {Date unknown.}) Chikatilo’s killing style has been affected from culture, childhood and communities/ the environment surrounding him. It is known that people who once experience lust murdering, cannot stop murdering again. Chikatilo seemed to
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The evidence for him being an interpersonal psychopath is when he acted superficially to most of the people, and didn’t show most of his inner feelings. He didn’t control anything or pathologically had lied to people, so he didn’t show many characteristics from interpersonal. He is certainly not an affective psychopath or psychotic person because he attended not to feel any guilt against the victims. He also didn’t fail to feel responsibility even once in his life. It is because, he never thought about responsibility.

I connected Chikatilo’s childhood memory to the characteristics from un-affective psychopaths. Because Chikatilo was told about cannibalism and crimes a lot of times when he was little by his mother, that maybe made him think that “crime is common”, and might have made the thinking that crime is crime, and should have felt more
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