Psychopathy In Cleckley's The Mask Of Sanity

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Psychopaths can sing the lyrics but cannot respond to the melody. The melody of normal human interaction. They have no remorse, empathy nor compassion. They kill without thought. They are dangerous, without conscience and all around us.
Psychopathy can be defined as a personality disorder distinguished by egocentric, merciless personality and an unusual lack of empathy, masked by abnormal capability of manipulation (Hare,1993). The definition of psychopathy came after many clinical experiences and researchers during the past centuries. Several articles and books review the phenomena and theoretical history of psychopathy (e.g., Berrios, 1996), and the varieties or subtypes of psychopathic individuals are introduced in numerous early writings
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Cleckley back in 1941 made a distinction between the types of psychopaths.
There are four different subtypes of psychopaths. The oldest distinction was made by Cleckley back in 1941 between primary and secondary.
Primary psychopaths do not have react to any kind of apprehension, discipline, or stress. Their personalities characterized by a lack of empathy for other. They interpret the words in different meanings than what we know, and evenly it is unclear if they understand the meaning of their own words, this is what is called “semantic aphasia" by Cleckley. On the other hand, risk-takers are the secondary psychopaths. However, they are considered of those who worry, are vulnerable to stress more than an average person, and are prone to feeling guilty most times. This indicates that they are not and fully
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Number of studies recorded more behavioral problems. They exhibited recidivism after the treatment and poorer attendance of the treatment sessions. In 2000 Hare, Clark, Grann, and Thornton found the results of nonrandomized study on 278 male criminals in 7 English prisons. The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) rates were used as a part of the approval procedure, and 2-year of analysis for the anger management and social skills training programs. The study showed that there is no reduction of the psychopathic behavior. Moreover, the treatment was linked with recidivism after
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