Psychosocial Theory

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Psychosocial theory is a list of theories developed by Erickson to describe the stages of development. In my personal life, I feel that each stage of my life was affected by the first, and most important stage: Trust vs. Mistrust. According to Erikson, this is the most crucial stage that will affect all other stages of development. Children learn the basics of relying on parental guidence for feeding, consistency and physical contact. I feel that the stage that is most appropriate for where I am in my life right now is identity vs. Role confusion; and this is so because of my adoption. My first few months in this world were swirling with inconsistent caretakers and malnutrition, I was adopted at seven months old. I was born in Rostov, Russia…show more content…
20 years later, I feel that I have mastered toilet training, to the social interactions I just recently learned how to deal with. An average 20 year old should master Intimacy vs. isolation. With the lack of a significant carer giver in the first months of my life, I feel I am playing catchup. I feel personally, that i 've only just started learning how to trust people and the world around me. Academically, I feel I surpassed those aspects of Erikson 's stages. I am still trying to find myself in this world, and understanding that I need to emotionally start at the beginning of the stages to learn how to trust. Currently I have been catching up through intensive therapy and taking little risks. Recently I have only grasped the fact of if I can love, and if I can trust my significant other not to abandoned me. Learning this at such an age has pulled me back emotionally. I do feel however, that all the stages up to about Industry vs. Inferiority I have mastered. When it comes to trusting others and myself, that is where I lack. I feel that the lack of trust affected each stage; some stages more than others. I feel it impacted my confidence through middle school and high school more so than the typical child. I am grateful for my adoptive parents giving me the time and learning to understand how to deal with a child who is not fully developed
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