Psychosocial Trauma Summary

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When John went to fight the war in Vietnam, he and Kathy were separated for two years and this resulted in their relationship becoming distant. During the time John was at war Kathy felt that she had changed and that she needed someone who would treat her differently to how John treated her. Kathy felt that she needed John to realize what she wanted out of life and this lead Kathy to have an affair. So in Kathy’s shoes she wasn’t really trying to work out this relationship which gives John a huge motivate to end her. In the article Social (Dis)Order and Psychosocial Trauma: Look Earlier, Look Outside, and Look Beyond the Persons by Amalio Blanco, Ruben Blanco, and Dario Diaz stated “ Based on new theoretical insights and supporting data, the authors propose an expanded 4-dimension theoretical argument on psychosocial trauma: (a) pre-trauma conditions based on social distress, (b) shared network of fear leading to breakdown of core social assumptions, (c) the outgroup as a target of negative emotions, and (d) destruction of family ties and community networks”. As this article states, these are 4- dimension theoretical argument on psychosocial…show more content…
This childhood wasn’t his fault since his parents were the ones that raised him but that still modeled him as a person. Leaving war is never easy nor is the transition simple as well, leaving an atmosphere that was always full of deaths, weapons, explosions, having no love contact because at war it’s only you and your soldiers, no love or affection from a women. John’s breaking point was definitely Kathy herself, the way he was towards her at the end and all that he has been through at war, for him it was almost normal to act on a killer instinct. It might looked like she has disappeared but everything adds up his taking her life away and getting rid of her body very well. He might have not done it John himself but it was definitely was
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