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Psychotherapy came from the Greek word psyche means “spirit, soul, or being,” and therapy comes from the Greek work therapeutics, which means “attendant or caretaker” (Austad, 2009). The broad definition of psychotherapy is that an individual needs a special help such as support and comfort to improve his or her functioning as a person and the other persons is defined as able to give such special assistance(Austad, 2009). In short, psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to help people with emotional problems and mental health conditions. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment by psychological means (Austad, 2009). It main target is to provide a proper behaviour, to improve an individual’s social and emotional functioning, and to promote psychological…show more content…
According to a site “NHS Choices” (2015), says psychotherapy involves talking to a trained therapist in an individual setting, or in a group setting. In a therapy session, it will allow you to look closer into your issues and worries, and deal with problematic behaviour and many types of mental disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia. Psychotherapy is all about sharing your issues and talking, but sometimes other skills may be used such as music, art, music, movement and…show more content…
The CAT therapist aims to work with the client to determine procedural sequences such as chains of events, thoughts, emotions and motivations that explain how a target problem is established and maintained, for instance self-harm. Next, Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) aims on client’s problems that triggers the relationship problems with others, such as misunderstanding, death of love ones, or remotion. It helps the individual to manage coping strategies and also cope with those feelings involved. Apart from that, Interpersonal psychotherapy has also been certified as an effective treatment for the bipolar disorder, bulimia nervosa, post-partum depression, and major depressive disorder. Humanistic therapy is developed by Carl Rogers, where it helps client to understand their feelings, gain a sense of meaning in life, and reach self-actualization. Humanistic therapies also encourage clients to be more definite and improve self-awareness and targets on client’s growth, self- development and

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