Psychotic Depression Case Study

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Psychotic Depression if maintained properly can be controlled. In fact, Psychotic Depression is when someone has serious depression, and it does show forms of psychosis. Furthermore, psychosis is when someone has false fixed beliefs and have symptoms of guilt, poverty, or illness. Equally important, Psychotic Depression is somewhat like other types of depressions because they can alter areas of someone’s life and can change the mood, behavior, and some physical functions like sleep and more. Additionally, Psychotic Depression can make people lose focus in their passion and can lead to suicidal thoughts. To chiefly, if someone has a Psychotic Depression disorder, they have to find help by being closely monitored by a mental health professional,…show more content…
This type of depression is like other depressions because they can have the same effect on a person. Additionally, this depression can veer by affect people with decreased energy, headaches, digestive disorders, skittish, and chronic pains. In fact The Web MD says it can affect the human body by “ headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pains. Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions.”So, this means that this type of depression and other depressions can cause these symptoms. In fact, people do get Insomnia from depression. This is when someone can’t stay asleep or they are staying asleep. Furthermore, The Web MD states that “The inability to get a good night's sleep can have serious consequences on the human body.” Thus, this can lead to fatigue, which is when a person is having difficulties pronouncing words or they are showing signs of tiredness. Equally important, chronic illness can lead to depression. In The Web MD says “The rate for depression occurring with other medical illnesses is quite high and depends on many factors, especially a past history of depression” Thus, this can be from chronic illness from past history, and this can make a person have…show more content…
This is what a person’s brain comes up with when they have Psychotic Depression. In addition, this type of depression makes a person not want to do the things they used to love to do. In fact, Healthline says “People with major depression often lose interest in activities they once enjoyed and have trouble performing everyday activities.” So, a person with Psychotic Depression will have some difficulties doing normal day actives, due to how Psychotic Depression affects some of the human body functions. Furthermore, Healthline states “Occasionally, they may even feel as if life isn’t worth living.” This shows, that the person with this type of depression might have thoughts of death. Equally important, Healthline says “Psychotic Depression is often considered a psychiatric emergency because you’re at an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and behavior, especially if you hear voices telling you to hurt yourself. “ So, this means that Psychotic Depression can make you hear voices that will tell you to harm yourself, and they will also tell you to do worse. Above all, a human with this depression will be losing focus and might be

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