Pt1420 Unit 1 Assignment

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Word Identification
The QRI-4 guideline suggested Tessa begin reading the word lists at the upper middle grade level, two levels below her current grade level. However, it was necessary to test back to the fifth grade level due to Tessa’s performance on the suggested starting point. Tessa completed the fifth grade word list automatically with 90% accuracy, in the allotted time, signifying she read the words at the independent level. When analyzing the sixth grade word list, Tessa automatically identified 70% of the words, indicating she was identifying words at the instructional level. According to her performance on the upper middle school level word list, Tessa read a total score of 60% on the upper middle school grade word list, representing a frustration level. Although Tessa’s frustration level was determined, she was presented the high school word list and obtained a score of 35%.

Tessa appeared confident throughout the word identification assessment and exhibited a positive behavior as the word lists became increasingly difficult to read. She demonstrated word identification strategies in solving several words, however, as the words became increasingly difficult for Tessa she would not attempt to sound out the words and simply stated she
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It was evident Tessa struggled to recognize words at the high school level, committing 33 total errors. Tessa was unfamiliar with prior knowledge and obtained a score of 40% on the concept questions. Tessa did not retain the meaning and her total comprehension score declined to 50%. At the high school level, Tessa comprehension score declined to 50%, signifying the passage was at her frustration level, therefore limited comprehension. When considering the types of questions asked, Tessa obtained a score of 40% correct on explicit questions and 30% on implicit
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