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1. How did writing first develop? What was its function? Who invented it? Writing first developed as tokens, which were merely clay pieces about the size of a quarter. The tokens represented an accounting system and were used to record items purchased or sold such as goats, sheep or even bottles of wine. It is unclear whether writing was invented by the Sumerians or the Egyptians. However, what is not disputed is the Sumerians created one of the first and most distinguished forms of writing. 2. What are the cognitive, linguistic, and cultural changes that have accompanied the invention of reading and writing? Basically when a symbol is allowed to have meaning, it allows our brain to connect visual areas to both the conceptual and language areas within the brain. The linguistic principles helped the novice readers learn words while some groups shared pronunciations. Some students were required to use both phonics and semantics to aid in the recollection of reading and writing. However, the teachers in today’s society still debate the use of phonics vs semantics. 3. What three breakthroughs have occurred each time writing was invented? The first breakthrough was known as symbolic representation. First, a new form of symbolic representation was created, more so than drawings on…show more content…
What parts of the brain are involved in reading? How does this differ depending on what kind of writing system is being read? The function of the temporal lobe is to heighten phonological alertness and decipher sounds. The frontal lobe, on the other hand, deals with verbal production, reading confidence, grammatical usage and understanding. While all reading uses some parts of the lobes, the logosyllabary reading brain uses the frontal areas, auditory, supramarginal gyrus, angular gyrus, the visual areas, both left and right and area 37. The angular gyrus, visual association areas, basic visual area and area 37 become activated during the token reading

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