Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Reflective Letter on MWA #1 I believe that the purpose of major writing assignment number one was to improve our interview skills and solidify our understanding of genre as used in the context of our class. For this writing assignment I created a Weebly website that is meant to teach the class about the most important genre used in the field of computer science. To successfully do this I first gave a brief description of what computer science entails and that what it does not, I then followed up the description with a few questions and answers from my interview while also describing my professor that I interviewed. Finally, I began writing about my genre—developmental collaborative writing on a whiteboard—and gave its purpose followed by a few links. These links lead to the descriptions of my genre’s audience, rhetorical factors, structure, and style of writing; with all of the information presented on my website there should be a good enough description of developmental collaborative writing to help my fellow classmates understand what it is. At the beginning of major writing assignment number one I began my thought process by plotting out how …show more content…

The entire assignment was basically creating a presentation on a genre we found on our own to show our understanding of the concept. At the beginning of this class I thought that all of the writing assignments were going to be extremely hard, but after this assignment I realized that these assignments really aren’t going to be too difficult. I think this is due to the Writing as a Process SLO and that fact that it really helps break things into easy understandable parts that flow into one another. I’m glad this was the first assignment because it helped me get a good foothold of what this class is going to be without being too

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