Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment

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Point 1: Sociolinguistics (8) 174w When it comes to reading, every student has different experiences in regards to what they are interested in reading. Working with students that are extremely diverse sociocultural theory addresses the importance of incorporate reading that students can relate to culturally. Implementing culturally diverse material, students begin to reflect with the story that they are reading and they are motivated to read because they are becoming part of the story. By implementing different cultures books, they are expanding their knowledge of other cultures that they are not familiar or were never aware. Adapting to students culture is important for a teacher to do, especially when teaching a diverse school because making those personal connections are crucial to building relationship with the students and their community. Becoming part of students community, I will be able to find what type of books student will be able to relate to based on their culture and …show more content…

By implementing literature circle all the students are reading at their level and with people from their level. Forming reading level groups, will help those students that need extra time reading to take their time and be helped by those of their level. Also, it helps advance readers will be challenge with a higher level of vocabulary that will be introduce in the reading. In classes I have observe this method of teacher is implied, but all students are reading the same books. The only different were the reading assignments were modified based on their academic level. Incorporating small reading allows all students participate and interact in reading out loud. The challenge of having different book assigned can have many benefits for students development, because they are able to move within reading levels as they advance their

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