Pt1420 Unit 2 Case Study

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1. After placing about fifteen poker chips of one color in a pile near the row of six square blocks. I tell her that “Each block needs a chip as a partner. Can you take some chips so that there is the same amount to go with the blocks?” After telling her that she then assemble the blocks and poker pieces in pairs where each block has two poker pieces. She then says that “I need another block so that it can have two poker chips to go with it” I asked her why and she says “because there are still three poker chips left and they need a block so they all can have poker pieces” She arranged the poker piece and blocks where each block had a poker piece beside it. I asked her why she put them together like that and she said “so I can tell how many…show more content…
After spreading out the row of blocks (or chips) as she watches. I asked her “Does each block still have a partner?” She then takes away three of the blocks and puts two more poker piece with the other t two that they already had and then added one more to each of the blocks. I asked her why did she make those changes and she said so that each block can have the same amount of poker pieces as each other” I then asked her how many poker pieces to each of the three blocks have and she says “ they each have five poker pieces a piece” C. Reflection on all of Task #1 After doing these tasks with the child. I see that she can pay close attention to what I was doing with switching everything around. Even though she got a question wrong but she still did a good job overall in observing what I was doing in front of her. So yes she has her own thoughts in how she sees things just as other children would. Each child has their own imagination and see things a different way from another. So one might see something the other doesn’t or even notice something that the other doesn’t as well. So overall she did do a good job as a four year old where at this age they have a wide variety of imagination. Even though she is a bright little girl, all kids at this age might have had the same answers or just a little

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