Pt1420 Unit 4

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1. What is Test Package? Test package gives access to an indexed database of questions based on subject and topic. Based on the package you buy the access is limited by total number of questions. 2. I answered a question how do I go to Next Question? Once you answer a question, you need to click on Next on bottom Right side so that you will get next question to answer. 2. I am confused and need more time to solve a question; can I answer it, at a later point of time? If you think you need to more time to solve any question or confused about the answer. You can answer it and click on the Mark for review option on bottom left of the screen and move on to next question. Letter R will be indicated on top of that question number so that you can…show more content…
I have submitted Quiz, Can I change my answers? No. Once you submit you cannot access the quiz. Once you submit the quiz you will not be able to access any questions in the quiz. The system will be block and you will be directed to the summary page where you will see number of questions attempted and number of questions skipped. 8. I didn’t attempt all questions however, time got over, and can I access the quiz? No. Once the time is over you cannot access the quiz. It will give you the summary of questions you have attempted and questions you have not answered. You have to click on submit quiz. 9. I had marked few questions for review, but due to lack of time I was not able to review it. Those answers will be accepted? Yes, if you have marked an answer for review and didn’t get time to come back and review, it will be considered as your final answer. In case if you have marked for review and didn’t get time to go through it again the marked answer will be treated as final answer. 10. How do I know how much time is left for the quiz? There will be a timer running on left side of the screen, which indicates how much time is left to complete the quiz. The timer will be running from 00:00 to time allotted for that

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