Pt1420 Unit 9 Final Project

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This project was a lot harder then my family and I ever expected it to be. At first we thought it would be good and we would feel better about not wasting and not having as much trash. But after a couple of days we noticed that we couldn’t do a lot of things we normally do like wipe our hands on a napkin or use a straw to drink at a resturaunt. We as a whole had to make a lot of changes like making our foods the night before and bringing clean towels with us everywhere we went. This project has really made us open our eyes to see what we were actually doing to hurt our environment just by going through our daily routine. I think that even though we have finished our 10 days we will be conscience to what we are doing and try to hold back on all of the paper and plastic products. But even though we might be cutting back others might not be and I think a lot more people should realize how this is affecting our…show more content…
Toilet paper and school), taking shorter showers to conserve water, and using less electricity. If continuing with less paper products it would be helpful because you would save money on buying paper towels and you would potentially have less trash. On the downside you would not be able to eat out as much and in the beginning you would have to invest in a lot of tupperware. When you take shorter showers you be conserving water for the environment but you might have to take colder showers then you are used to. Lastly when you use less electricity your power bill will go way down but the downfall is that you might have to invest in some expensive light bulbs and have to remember to unplug things when they are not being used. All of these long term lifestyle changes are definitely going to need work and they might not be easy but in the long run they will help save the

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