Pt1420 Week 3 Discussion 1

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Question 1 b. In what circumstances di you think scientists are justified in not sharing their results with others before research is completed? o I believe that scientists should not share their results until research is completed and they have fully justified their results. I believe so because other researchers and scientists use results in helping them with experiments, developing models, curing disease, etc. so if quickly scientists share results or models that they are not sure of scientists should use wrong information. Also, the uneducated public believes most results that are published; if a scientist hastily publishes results without full justifications people could actually believe or misinterpret the wrong idea/results. Furthermore, if a scientist assume that he/she has the accurate results and shares it with others without justifying their ideas and results; he/she could be attacked by others (for example, Watson and Crick case with Rosalind in the movie). Therefore I believe that scientists have the right to keep their results confidential until they fully explain and justify their reasoning, but no way under any circumstance should fully completed justified research be kept confidential because the…show more content…
Another reason I believe why they reacted that way is perhaps they were competing to figure the DNA structure; Watson and Crick beat them to it, so it was their chance of criticizing. They probably wanted to add their opinions to get attention or look better than Watson. Or it could be that they had different values and perspective, and thus they ought to judge and criticize
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