Pt2520 Unit 1 Assignment

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In developing a database, one of the first things one must know is how the database(DB) will be used within the organization. Seconda,y what type of data will be required to develop the database and how it will enhance productivity and reliability to the organization. All the information is gathered in the first phase of the database life cycle, which is planning. In the planning phase, you are gathering information on the need, cost and feasibility of the database within the organization. Also within this phase you would look to see if there are databases within the organization that can meet the requirements. And if so, maybe the developer can enhance the structure to suit the request requirements. And also look to see if there is an on…show more content…
Phase 2 is the logical phase that will map out the entities and attributes required for the tables of the DB using an ER- diagram. Tables are the foundation of your database application”(Caspio Online Help, 2015). Phase 3 is the physical design of the DB this will show tools needed to access the DB, such as how will the users access the DB and the hardware and software needed to make the DB accessible. The relationships among the tables and the structure will be the key to a good design application. When designing a DB one should be conscious of the future use of the DB. The DB should be design for new functionality in the future and easy to reuse the design (ALL,2014). Phase 4 of the DBLC(Database Life Cycle) is Implementation. This requires that documentation of the data structure and testing have been evaluated and now ready to install the new system into the organization. Your key players would be the network people who are familiar with the network architecture and design of the organization
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