Baet And Ptah Essay

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There are many gods that are related to animals in one way or another. Less are used/ needed by Ra/ the pharaoh. Less have fought alongside Ra against the great serpent Apep. And only one has been the wife of Ptah. Bastet. Bastet was placed at the forefront of the gods in the 2nd Dynasty and it was emphasized when the Bubasites came to power, she was supported by her kindness and relations. One of Bastet’s many things supporting her rise to power were her relations to other very well known and liked gods. She was a daughter of Ra, his vengeance, and his “eye”. This helped her get respect and trust because Ra is the chief god. This relation was very helpful but so was her husband: Ptah. Ptah was a liked god so this also helped. Ptah was the god of creation, arts, and fertility therefore he was worshiped and loved very strongly. And another really strong connection is her offspring Maahes and Nefertum. Nefertum is the goddess of perfume which was able to get
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There was Memphis (which was actually Ptah’s main part of his supporting cities), Heliopolis, Herkeopelis, and last but certainly not least the main supporting city Bubastis. Bastet was worshiped as a true god in the 2nd Dynasty but when the 22nd Dynasty rolled around Bubastis came to power and enforced Bast which really helped her position. Bubastis had a fabulous temple built in her honor with red granite which built it. There were also mud brick cemeteries for cats that had been tributed to seek advice from Bastet. It also had many cats roaming the grounds. It was known to be pleasing to the eye rather than grand like the Abu Simbel. Bubastite was also known for holding a celebration for Bastet in around April, Mayish time frame. It was one of the biggest celebrations that the Egyptians held. Bubasite was mostly known as the birthplace of Bastet or Pwr-Bast (Pwr means house/realm) located in the southern part of the Nile
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