Ptlls Assignment 6

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1. Which lesson or lessons are shown in the clips? Identify the lesson(s) by lesson plan number. Describe any changes in the lesson plans for the lessons shown in the clips and the reasons for those changes. The lesson that is shown in the video clip is lesson plan number one. The first lesson is where the students will have the opportunity to focus on the theme and what to expect in the up coming days. There were some changes done in the video related to the lesson. The first one is not no students were in the video. The teacher will provide a demonstration on what she will do with the students. Due to not been any students in the video, the teacher will act like she was in front of the classroom and start teaching the lesson. There will be questions that the students will be asked and the opportunity to answer them. The teacher will ask question and wait …show more content…

All students have the possibility to learn and with the proper experience, they will focus. There are many different ways used to build respect and a positive rapport with students. One that has always work is helping the students feel comfortable with the environment. When the environment is positive and comfortable to the students, the student tends to worry less and be natural. Building a positive rapport is not easy and it takes time and dedication. Most important it requires thinking outside the box. Different steps to build a positive rapport are learning each student’s name. In my case, it hasn’t always been an easy task to achieve, but with time, it’s a success. Taking the time to find how the each student learns best is important. Always using different typed of teaching techniques can go a long way and make the students feel important. Taking a step further for to provide a lesson that will be successful requires time, coming to work early or staying late, providing arrangements to the environment that will help students feel

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