Ptsd In A Streetcar Named Desire

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This is Dr. Makayla Chamzuk writing from the Westlock Medical Clinic in regards to patient Blanche DuBois of whom I have been analyzing for the previous month. Through analyzing Miss Dubois’s behavior and attitude I have concluded to diagnose my patient with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) PTSD is the exposure to trauma from single events that involve death, and individuals tend to avoid anything that reminds them of the event. According to the information provided from the Canadian Mental Health Associate website, this disorder causes intrusive symptoms such as re-experiencing traumatic events and can make the patient feel very nervous or “on edge” constantly or when experiencing stressful events. Multiple traumatic events and situations Blanche has been exposed to has made her susceptible to this mental disorder, I am …show more content…

All cases of PTSD relatively are triggered by a disturbing part of one’s life. For Blanche, her trauma was witnessing the death of her husband. The story begins when Blanche, in scene six is recalling this with Mitch and she tells him she witnessed her husband with another man and for a while avoids the issue rather than confronting him. One night the three of them went to the casino and in the middle of the Varsouviana Blanche told Allan that he “disgusts” her. A few moments after Blanche’s confrontation with Allen she hears a gunshot and runs to see what the disturbance was all about and devastatingly enough, it was Allen who stuck a revolver in his mouth and fired, blowing the back of his head off. Blanche not only witnessed this tragic event but after a few sessions of talking with her, she revealed that she felt as though she was the one to blame and it would have been no difference if she, in fact, was the one that pulled the trigger that fateful

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