Ptsd In Service Animals

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic experiences. This disorder tends to be more prominent in careers where individuals are put into dangerous situations such as, the military, first responders, nurses, and doctors. PTSD is posing to be more of a problem for many individuals involved in these professions leading to symptoms like nightmares, feelings of intense distress, and high levels of anxiety. This can be overbearing causing a severe “impact [on] a person’s life far beyond the symptoms of PTSD” (Canadian mental health, n.d.). Service animals have proved to be successful for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities; therefore, animal services are becoming more prevalent for individuals…show more content…
James Gillet and Rachel Weldrick, previously composed a study on the “effectiveness of having an animal as a source of treatment for those who are diagnosed with PTSD” (n.d.). Gillet and Weldrick articulate a few physiological benefits of acquiring a service dog, one being an improved range of physiological function and attitude. Officers would experience a reduction to symptoms like nightmares or high levels of anxiety. The feeling of having the companion to rely on in times of discomfort demonstrates the positive bond, which forms between the dog and the officer. Further into the article Gillet and Weldrick (n.d.) state “service dogs do not simply help their human companions cope, but [show] forms of assistance that are attuned to mental health” (as cited in Tedischi and colleagues, 2010). These service dogs provide assistance in ways individuals could not fathom. They not only help with the psychological symptoms, but also…show more content…
A symptom with PTSD maybe decreasing physical activity, or becoming reliant on other individuals to aid the officer with PTSD. Service dogs can help the officer become more self- sufficient, or independent within their daily life. Canines are able to learn specific tasks, for example, retrieving an item, or opening doors. This can help if the person experiences extreme depression causing them not to move. They can also act as a physical barrier in public areas separating them if the individual begins to feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, it is hard to determine whether or not a service dog has many physical benefits for a person with PTSD, but the success they have on the psychological and social aspects proves to be

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