Adolescence Development Stages

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ROLE/PHASE OF PUBERTY ON ADOLESCENT BEHAVIOR AND DEVELOPMENT Image PUBERTY: Puberty is the period of time when children began to grow biologically, psychologically, emotionally, cognitively and socially.Girl start to grow in to women and boys start to grow in men.These changes occur due to the hormones.
ADOLESCENCE: Adolescence is the period of human growth and development that occurs between childhood and adolescence.
Adolescence starts at the age of 10 and ends around age at 21. It can be further divided in to three stages: early adolescence, middle adolescence and late adolescence.
PHASE OF PUBERTY IN BOYS AND GIRLS: Puberty is the most difficult time period for both girls and boys physically and emotionally.
Puberty can be a hard time for boys and girls. They are being able to do with changes in their body, and possibly diseased red marks on face or body smell as well, a time when they touch self-conscious. Image puberty development can also some time work with the children new undergrowth
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Hair growth
2. Menstruation
3. voice changes
4. Body shape changes
5. Development of breast buds
6. Vaginal discharge
7. Sweat more
Puberty brings various important changes in the development of an adolescent in terms of emotions, motivations, cognitive, social life and nutritional issues.some adolescent girls enter in to the maturity period before time which is the major cause of disturbance for them. Adolescent girls become more conscious about their physical appearance and self conscious.Some questions came to their mind like what 's wrong with me? How I look like? Am I perfect or not? These are the effects of puberty on adolescent development. Some of the major effects on the adolescent-girl development are: 1.Brain development
2.Emotional development
3.Social development
4.Physical development
5.Behavioral development

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