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What is Public Broadcasting?
Public broadcasting is normally a form of broadcast that doesn’t include broadcast for commercial service but entirely for public service. This is mostly includes radio, television and other electronic media outlets. Most of public broadcasting channels are operated by private non-profit organizations. They can be nationally or locally operated, depending on the country and the station. Unlike private commercial broadcasting, public service broadcasting must be concerned about a broader set of listeners/viewers. In India, there are fewer ways to broadcast media due to issues such as poverty, which is slowly fading with the work against digital divide. In India, the largest public broadcasting agency is called Prasar
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The government needs to develop an official body that can suggest a uniform procedure to be followed by both private and government broadcast mediums which will engage the public with more depth. This could also be an easy way to regulate the information passed and prevent public harm.
A great example of public broadcasting is the United States of Americas NPR or National Public Radio. They also have an online news website, which is normally the first to cover a lot of news on the go. This government funded project is very successful in bringing awareness to the public and how to clearly appeal to the public. NPR has a clear defined set of rules or goals that they follow to attain every day, making themselves successful in a variety of areas such as news, cultural, intellectual and educational fields.
India still has a long way to come in the public broadcasting field. Prasar Bharati is still inadequate as compared to other mediums out there. Television isn’t quite as widespread and radio would be the easiest medium as it is even available in the cheapest of mobiles. Increasing listeners by appealing to them from the entertainment radio channels available is quite a task but should be achieved to create an informed public. This is essential for the betterment of the
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