Public Schools Vs Homeschooling

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omeschool vs public school- an insanely controversial debate in which a student’s success and future is put on the line. The schooling years of a person is absolutely detrimental to whether or not that person will grow up to be prosperous and happy in life. Therefore, the method of schooling is an incredibly important topic of debate. Modern homeschooling began with John Holt, an educational theorist, who began having concerns about the mechanical-like characteristics of students who went through the public school system. A large motivator for people wanting to homeschool was having increased religious freedom, as public schools have become more and more secular and worldly. However, it has morphed into so much more than that today. People…show more content…
First of all, statistically speaking, “The home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests”(“Research Facts on Homeschooling”). This includes tests such as the SAT, PSAT, ACT, and annual benchmark tests. Because of this reason, many colleges actively seek homeschooled students. Top colleges are scouting homeschoolers, and its due to the fact that homeschoolers “go to and succeed at college at an equal or higher rate than the general population”(“Research Facts on Homeschooling”). Also, studies have proved that “Homeschool freshmen in their first semester at college average a 3.37 GPA to the 3.08 of other freshmen, and continue to keep their advantage even into senior year with 3.46 versus 3.16”(“The Homeschooler’s Guide to Getting into College”). Of course, this is a great incentive for colleges to increase the number of homeschoolers who are accepted into their school. Another benefit to homeschooling is increased free time. Even though students are not necessarily taking more elective classes, there is ample amounts of time to explore new passions. Personally, homeschooling has allowed me to discover how much I enjoy cooking and gardening. These hobbies are not only fun, but have made me develop skills that I will take with me into adulthood. Homeschooled students have more time to pursue interests in art, music, medicine, cooking, sciences, technology, writing, and so much
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