Public Education: Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Education plays a significant role in every one’s future and lives; therefore parents have to ensure that their kids receive proper education. A majority of parents would turn to public school when it comes to education. However, other parents opt for an alternative to public schools, including private schools and home-schooling. Here’s the big question: Which one would be the best for my child? There is no universal answer or solution, for each option have their own distinctive pros and cons.
Firstly, we will see from the point of similarity. Either homeschooling or public school has no right to produce their own curriculum. As we may know, the curriculum on public school has been provided by the government from kindergarten to senior high
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The flexibility of the time and place of learning are simply distinguished them. A public school has the strict regulation in time and place. For example, in the senior high school, there is obligated full day school. The students enter the school at seven o’clock and get home in the evening. It is counted in six days a week and only a day for holiday. Afterward, they do not have many choice of place because they can only utilize the room or spot around their school. However, in the homeschooling system, there is flexibility in time and place. The student can easily choose whenever and wherever they want to study. Even, they can study during weekend in the playground or recreation…show more content…
The length of study in the public school is not as fast as in the homeschooling. In the public school we may believe that everything has been strictly constructed. Thus, the student’s education follows the regulation as well. In 9 years the students only reach the kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school. It is different from those who belong to homeschooling. They can only spend 7 years or ever less than that. It happens because the comprehension of the students is really observed. The students who are very smart and competent in the lesson given can probably jump to the next step easily. For instance, Raffi, one of the homeschooling students, can pass his elementary school only in 5 years


On the other words, we may conclude public school and homeschooling have the differences which are simply recognized. The differences are classified in the terms of flexibility, the teaching method and the length of study. The parents can decide which are more suitable in some particular children. The children who have more interest in active learning system may choose homeschooling to enroll, whereas for those who are not, may choose public school. Therefore, as the parents who recommend our children education, we are supposed to have the basic comprehension about the education and the variety of

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