Public Health Goals

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according to Pakistan medical and dental council(PMDC). The goal is to become a leader in designing, implementing and monitoring of health care programs in response to health needs of my country. The field of public health is one of the most dynamic in the entire health care industry. A big part of public health lies in preventative care. That means that i will be able to work on projects that will actually prevent the illnesses that impact so many people’s health. I will be able to process a gigantic amount of information and work towards refining the fitness of my country. The food my nation eats has been effecting population's health and it can be enhanced safety wise by the efforts of public health workers and i may be able to help take…show more content…
The sense of pride one gains from helping children with their overall health and well-being is unmatched, and in the public health field i will be doing a huge amount of work towards helping youth. , There is a strong possibility that i will lead global change in health for the better. Simply put, no other field in medicine affords the chance to become a global leader in health care. Similarly, there is a chance that i will make assistances that will change the face of medicine in general. Things like immunizations are a perfect instance of what could be possible in this field. i may make a lasting impression on humanity that will last forever. It’s a career well worth pursuing if i want to stay challenged, help others, and enjoy great service to my nation and career…show more content…
And value added for international students is that UOW is ranked one of the best universities in Australia of international students therefore University accept large number of international students with reputation of good teaching. Studying the infield Healthcare at UOW means that I will be lectured by the best Healthcare experts. UOW offers industry realistic teaching approaches. Being a leader in research, UOW provides access to world class facilities like affordable tuition fees and living expenses in relation to other Australian, US, Canadian and UK universities and getting this degree from UOW will add value to my Resume due to its high level Reputation So Success rate of the degree is quite high comparatively.

According to my Research at UOW students have fun with whatever are their passions its very different what I can see at many other top universities where academics and the rest of their lives are treated as separate entities. At UOW learning is beyond the typical class rooms you can explore yourself and your knowledge related to your course out of the class rooms in truly multicultural environment and extensive multi-cultural networks. Another benefit I found here in UCW you will have lifelong connections through strong alumni network. And a
Apart from that I have many relatives in Wollongong so that I will not face such problems what any other new international student faces. And also Wollongong
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