Public Health Nurse Interview Questions

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Name__Seynor Massalee Kennedy____Date_003/14/2016_____ NRS 428/483 Community/Public Health Nurse Interview Homework M. Kluka, MSN, RN Oakland University School of Nursing 9/14

Directions: You are to interview (by phone or in person) a registered nurse who is currently working as, or in the past 10 years has worked in, some area of community health, home care, hospice, public health or other non-hospital, non-nursing home/rehab facility. The following questions are the minimum to answer…feel free to add more of your own to make this a meaningful educational encounter for you. You should wear your OUSN name badge and professional dress when meeting this person.
You are NOT to interview OU faculty! Use this form; attach
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Example, when you meet a patient, you start your assessment by listening keenly to what the patient is saying, paying close attention to his/her movements and interactions.” Over
4. Would work be described as primary, secondary or tertiary prevention? Explain and give specific examples (refer to textbook definitions as needed).
Seynor: Primary prevention is the prevention of the illness before onset by risk reduction through altering behavior and exposures. Examples are vaccine or smoking cessation. Secondary prevention is early detecting. Examples are screening of breast cancer or testing for diabetes. Tertiary prevention reduces the impact of the disease after it has developed and being treated. Examples are cardiac rehabilitation after myocardial infarction. Can you describe how you implement primary, secondary or tertiary preventions in your profession?
Christina: “At our site, we do not deal with primary and secondary preventions. The patients we see usually already have mental illness and we work on reducing the impact which is the tertiary phase.”
“We offer pharmacology and non-pharmacology therapy in an outpatient
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Listen to them and understand their needs. Most times, they need someone to listen to them. I help my clients cope with their illness and improve how they function.”

6. Describe an example of how they impacted or influenced procedures or health policies in their work. (Refer to Ch 12 in textbook for ideas. …this may include suggestions made for practice changes, keeping/reporting data, streamlining work processes, etc. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THIS BLANK!!)

Seynor: Can you describe an example of how you impacted or influenced procedures or health policies in your work?
Christina: “It is funning you asked that question. I was just discussing with our program director the need to start a program that include screening of patients that are at risk for substance abuse and providing teaching, which I would say is part of a secondary prevention.”

7. How successful were his/her efforts in #6 above? (Explain roadblocks, allies, etc.)

Seynor: How successful was your effort? Did you have allies or roadblock?
Christina: “I would say my director is somewhat of an ally because she gave me the opportunity to research the idea. Our roadblock is getting finance for this program. We are still working on it, so I remain

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