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TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITTY CONTEXTUAL PROJECT -PRACTICAL ACTIVITIY IDENTIFICATION OF 10 CONCEPTS/THEORIES: To identify 10 concepts or theories from subjects I have studied in the current term and write down as to how those theories are applied or could be used in his /her personal life. SCORE OUT OF 10 CONCEPTS. A. Public Health Nutrition - Public health nutrition is any organized measure to promote health, prevent disease and prolong the life of a population through organizing community effort. Public health was established to protect the well-being of a whole population rather than a single individual. . Public health nutrition strive at promoting health, reaching vulnerable and high risk groups in the community. To make resources available…show more content…
Nutrition and health – food is very essential in life because it provides nutrients that help the body function and stay healthy, is also comprises of macronutrients which include carbohydrate, protein, and fat to give energy and maintain health. TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITTY CONTEXTUAL PROJECT -PRACTICAL ACTIVITIY . Knowing the importance of nutrition and specific role it plays in health maintenance. Food supplies micronutrients that serve a variety of functions to ensure the body operates optimally. D. Nutritional research approach to malnutrition – malnutrition or malnourishment is a condition that result from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much that the diet causes health problems. . Malnutrition is when an individual is not getting enough micronutrients is referred to under nutrition, or starvation it may result to symptoms that include stunted growth, low body weight, swollen legs and abdomen which result to permanent problems with physical and mental development. E. Nutritional requirements – the amount of each nutrient needed in the body by all individual is called nutritional requirement. In every individual the nutrient requirement varies example women of child bearing age need more iron than…show more content…
School-based, and community health nutrition education will improve dietary practices that affect family, school/young person’s health, growth, and intellectual development. With health related care education on nutrition food services and nutrition information to the community and parents will know that unhealthy eating patterns which effects are; under-nutrition, anemia, and overweight and obesity. Healthy eating in schools or childhood, family, and community promote desirable nutrient for growth, intellectual development especially in childhood, it equally prevent health problems such as: dental caries, obesity, eating disorder, iron deficiency anemia, and long term illness such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer. Stroke, etc. Nutritional research has shown that People who have poor diets and do not eat the right amounts of energy-rich food or nutrients are either not enough which makes the individual or children sick and become malnourished. The type of malnutrition that occurs depends on the age of the individual and the amount of nutrients lacking or food nutrient that is in

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