Public Housing Effects

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The average income of a single person living in America is north of $51,000 per year . The average cost of living in America as a single adult without children is $2,372 per month. Which adds up to an average cost of living of $28,474 per year before taxes. Public housing is for those who make substantially less than the $51,000 average but still have the same cost of living. It is intended to lower the cost of living while still providing a comfortable environment to live in, eventually lessening the lower class, and deconcentrating poverty. In recent years it has been brought to light that possibly public housing developments and the programs backing it may not be working to the fullest of their ability or be worth all the trouble that comes…show more content…
One example of this is the fact that millions of people in today’s society still commit crime. Now affordable housing never promised to stop crime. However the affordable housing is weakening the cities that they populate via crime .The crime wave that comes along with affordable housing is unbearable according to Howard.” Social maladies—crime, drug abuse, pregnancy among unwed teenagers—are concentrated in, and sometimes exacerbated by, public housing” ( par. 12 ). The social disorder within the public housing spreads and destroys the community and economy around it .Stealing and robbing from local businesses and disrupting the natural flow of the community are examples of how local communities are treated when they allow and the government gives them public housing developments. The communities around the neighborhoods or developments that receive HOPE VI and or section 8 are crime riddled. ”The five communities directly impacted by the HOPE VI grants totaled 1531 units of severely distressed.” ( Woodyard par. 7 ). That is 1531 needy, suffering, and lacking units within communities at least. The intent of public housing is to provide a decent and safe place for residents that reside within them. Yet ,these areas of public housing are the problem to the communities. They are filled with crime along with drugs, and unruly occupants, which are all unnecessary and harmful to the…show more content…
Public housing does not put an end homelessness. Public housing and HOPE VI are a major cause of homelessness. They are also an effective a stepping stone to the beginning of homelessness in america. “They have put a large and growing number of people at risk of becoming homeless.” ( “National Coalition for the Homelessness” par. 22 ). The Section 8 authority, and HOPE VI are taking people’s money without any remorse. A terrible process to do especially to people who are on the brink of homelessness. “ The gap between the number of affordable housing units and the number of people needing them has created a housing crisis for poor people.” ( National Coalition for the Homeless par. 22 ). As seen in the graph below there are not enough unit to help everyone that needs it. The fact that there are millions of people in america that are currently homeless is a shame. Couple that with the fact that america's public housing programs are not just ineffective but taking a major part of people's pay. While eventually making them homeless is is ignoble and disgraceful. Despicable, it is a trap set up for the lower class of
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