Public Opinion: The Impact Of Feminism In The 21st Century

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2.3. The Impact of feminism on Public Opinion

Regarding the latest Global Gender Gap Report from 2016, it has been made some progress in the global development of gender equality, however, women are still being in positions highly disadvantaged dealing with areas of wage, career advancement opportunities and leadership positions. Public opinion has the power to reinforce or diminish the gender gap, which is directly linked to public awareness what this work pretends to show through this chapter.
Public opinion is a concept originated in the 18th century as part of enlightened ideas. It is the expression of the population 's thoughts on a particular issue. According to Speier, Public Opinion “is a sort of informal social pressure and social control. Opinion is equated with reputation, esteem, and the general regard of others, of interest principally because it constrains human behaviour”.
How can public opinion change? How to reach masses of people? Simply, through social movements which have the same magnitude. Social movements are seen as processes, which can change policy. So, feminism, which is one of the biggest social movements around the world, can change public opinion. We will show this by analysing different feminist movements and the effects they had on their respective areas (social, economic, political etc.), focusing on the United States because of the vast amount of movements of this kind. ORGANIZAR ESTA PARTE POR
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