Master Degree In Public Policy: Graduate Study

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I developed my interest in public policy because of my curiosity for political and social issues that led me to wanting to be involved in policy making. I became enthusiastic for politics and the shaping of our world and its societies during my undergraduate studies and after having reflected theoretically, I would like to be able to take part in what makes our world what it is. I am interested in the issues of the folding of different levels of government as well as in the policies of the European Union and of international affairs to which I have been introduced during my undergraduate program. During my undergraduate program, I also built up my interest in issues of environment, science and health because of various introductory classes that I took. I have also worked for a company that organizes classes for the professionals of the pharmaceutical industry. This experience further strengthened my interest for public policy, notably for healthcare issues, a sector that is not only a flourishing business, but also a crucial policy field. I am also interested in technology, food systems, security and energy policies. That is why the broad character of the program offered by the Academy of Governance caught my attention. The Master in Public Policy can indeed help me build skills in a most appropriate way. The…show more content…
Its international orientation is also something that makes me fit for it since I myself have followed an international undergraduate program, speak four languages (English, French, Spanish and Dutch), have resided in three different countries and have two
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