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Article 80, par. 1 of the Constitution of the Czech Republic characterizes the public prosecutor ’s office as an organ representing public prosecution in criminal proceedings; it also performs other tasks the law sets forth. By Act No. 283/ 1993 Coll., on the public prosecutor, in effect since 1 January 1994, the public prosecutor’s office has been organized as a system of public offices assigned to represent the state in cases established by law. This system replaced the former office of public prosecution, which was blamed for being too similar to Soviet models, further that it was “omnipotent” (the “guardian of justice” concept), and that it formed a kind of “fourth” power in society (next to the legislative, executive and judicial powers).…show more content…
an actual commentary to the Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office), it is possible to see it as a sui generis body, mixing features of the executive and the judiciary power, a “transition” to judicial power. The trend is definitely toward this position. The public prosecutor’s office is not even an administrative office or an organ which could be focused on implementing government policy. Its status in the system of public power is specific. The public prosecutor’s office represents an organ for criminal justice. Public prosecutors as those who carry out the tasks of the office (and who by law have already been granted the relevant legal authority by the law not transmitted from a decision by the relevant prosecutor general), are significant agents in criminal prosecution (and, to a limited extent, non-criminal justice). The public prosecutors must ensure protection of the public interest (not the closely related concept of state…show more content…
This appertains completely to the Ministry of the Interior. The position of the public prosecutor’s office in preparatory proceedings may be expressed by a concise statement: public prosecutors are procedurally, not functionally, the superiors of the

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