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1.1 PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THE NEW ERA Previously, the rising of social media platforms, the traditional public relations are seen to be a one-way communication. Public Relations has become a 24 hours, a year industry filled with professionals and now required to be constantly different and responsive. The always associated always on the digital globe that we are apparently live already forced people to redefine not their strategies and tactics but also the purpose of PR itself. Arising of the social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also Youtube have immediately changed the way public relations engage with the public. The evolution of public relations has been the interchange for the people in the industry.
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This will be based on the crisis response strategies that were used by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Malaysia within the video containing a message from the Director of Restaurant Operations of KFC Malaysia that led to the stakeholders’ responds, in which to solve the communication crisis on the basis of social media. Then, analysis on the action taken by KFC Malaysia by having Facebook page, KFC Responds which allowed public to give their responds and suggestion and to inform public about their responds aftermath. Also to measure the impact and outcomes of utilizing social media as an organizational response platform which is the Facebook, on building trust in improving organizational reputation aftermath.
1.8 SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY This research will be focusing on whether Facebook could give an impact on building trust in improving organizational reputation aftermath. From this study, we can identify whether a social media platform especially Facebook, able to establish a new form of media convergence on how public relations are represented, established, and shared through digital media; and also identifying the effects of digital technology against traditional media. It allows public relations practitioners to see how critical the combination of traditional media and new media in disseminating information and maintain
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Case study is used when we analyse and describe a person issues, history or more. But usually case study do not have various classifications or genres of case studies, it is hard to cover all types of studies into single definition. Usually case study is a study of a single case or a small number of cases. As long as any researcher able to show and found the same conclusion thus the case study is more reliable. Thus in this research, case study allow us to discover the unfamiliar strategies used by KFC to build their reputation again. Thus it is very helpful to this research by having the right case study and once the researcher eager and tarnish the curiosity feeling, and always have the feeling or want to know more. Curiosity may lead to success

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