Public Relations In The Entertainment Industry

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The 21st century world is very dependent on entertainment, much more so than the century before it. The modern masses are consumed not only with movies and television series, but also with the celebrities and icons themselves. Technological advancements in the last decade have allowed for new platforms to develop, and have therefore created new dimensions by which people can connect with celebrities.
To illustrate, when a person gets into the car, they open iTunes and listen to the latest music, when they get home, they switch the Entertainment Channel, and watch the latest episode of a hit reality show, when they wish to shop, they look to buy the latest brands modelled by only the most popular stars on Instagram. The list is endless. Therefore, the entertainment industry plays a main part in modern day life, ensuring that an entertainment-hungry society gets fed. This calls into play the element of Public Relations. Public Relations in the entertainment industry serve as its backbone, managing the reputations of entertainment personalities, in doing so, influencing opinions and subsequent behaviours of the masses. Additionally, it must be noted that
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The chief objective of marketing is to obtain and analyse data based on highly focused marketing energies, and then to come to conclusive evaluations in consequence to this. The chief objective of PR is to watch and listen, decoding and understanding emotional reactions and conversations, and finally fashioning evocative content. The two work in tandem with each other; PR in the entertainment industry needs to understand the masses and the environment in which they function, and needs to penetrate these markets successfully especially in a time when public journalism is increasing and public response is at its highest. Therefore, a collaboration of the two is

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